Our executive team, comprised of distinguished Marine Corps veterans, brings unparalleled leadership and extensive experience to our operations. We are proud to have a team that embodies the highest standards of honor, courage, and commitment.

Our Founding Team

"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality." - Warren Bennis

Introducing an accomplished and strategic founding team, USDRC is led by a group of distinguished professionals with extensive expertise in disaster response and resilience.


Adrian Bruneau

"As a retired U.S. Marine, I had witnessed devastation globally, but nothing prepared me for the personal loss and destruction of my own community. The sense of desolation and frustration was profound. The government's failure to respond effectively fueled my determination to prevent such suffering in the future."


Paul "Bubba" Deckert

As a Retired U.S. Marine Corps Colonel, Deckert joined USDRC because he strongly believes in the network's founding principles and mission. His commitment to building responsive and resilient communities across the United States aligns with USDRC's goals. Combining his strategic skills and experience, Col. Deckert is a valuable asset to the present and future success of USDRC.

USDRC: Committed to Disaster Resilience and Recovery

When disaster strikes, lives are abruptly disrupted, homes are lost, and communities face immense challenges. Survivors often find themselves without their homes, valuables, and, tragically, loved ones. The USDRC exists to mitigate the impact of disasters and facilitate the recovery and healing process for affected communities.

In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on New Orleans, flooding my home and those of my family, friends, and neighbors. The devastation was overwhelming, with floodwaters from Lake Pontchartrain reaching 12 feet and remaining for over four weeks. Navigating the path to recovery was not only daunting but also compounded by government breakdowns at all levels.

From this tragedy emerged a commitment to enhance disaster resilience, response, and recovery. Since 2005, we have collaborated with all levels of government and affected populations to streamline and expedite disaster recovery processes. Our goal is to ensure no community faces such challenges alone.

We partner with stakeholders to implement policies and programs that build disaster-resilient structures and infrastructure, providing immediate response and recovery support. The USDRC Team is dedicated to being the vital link between government agencies, the disaster recovery industry, and the communities impacted by disasters.